Kuidas alustada investeerimisega?
Käed külge tegevused 7-15-aastastele tehnikahuvilistele noortele
Kuidas alustada investeerimisega?
Käed külge tegevused 7-15-aastastele tehnikahuvilistele noortele


I feel good. I had a good time and youth center gave me many new life experiences. Definitly the youth center was a place for me. I loved the place where I lived in Saue only bad thing I see that I wasn’t living in Keila so I would also get to know the comunity in Keila, this way I was just working here and than I was always in a hurry to get on my train to Saue.

The cold wasn’t so horrible, since it’s pretty much simlar to cold in Slovenia. But the darkness was a bit exausthing. Since only 5 things I wanted to do is: sleep, eat, sleep, eat and again sleep some more (heh). But the atmospfere in youth center was very nice, so it was much easier to survive this. But there were some times, when I really got tired of this. But now I see how in opposite in summer doesen’t get dark at all.

First two months when I had to get used to this serious faces on the streets, when you say “tere” to them and they don’t say “tere” back. This was the TOUGHEST part. I noticed that even I smile less after this one year. So if you are reading this, and you know you are person like this, I think you can maybe think about it and consider this.

Yeah, it wasn’t so hard. Anyway this year passed by so fast, I didn’t even realize. I just got used to this flat land in late spring or begining of summer and than I visited Slovenia. So I realized how much I really miss mountains. But now I’m back here and I’m enjoying this land here.
What will you miss the most about Keila/Estonia/youth center?
I really liked the team I was working with. So wherever I’ll go, I wish I’ll have so cool working team. Of course I will also miss the youngsters who are visiting youth center, even those with who I didn’t understand the best, but I know all of them (you) carry a good and positive energy in side of them (you), they just need some attention and someone who will listen to them, to give them opportunity to create.

It is better to accapt and get used to what is around you than to resisting it. With resistance I would be just hurting myself.
First thing is, you grow up a bit, you get more independent, so many new experiences, get to know new culture and people. For my oppinion this is very good and beautifull experience. It doesen’t cost you anything, since all the costs are covered and it’s a good school for life.

I’m staying in Estonia and moving to Tartu. I will look for a job in youth center. But for now all the youth centers are full, so of course I will take also some other job.

I’m thankful to Keila youth center for hosting me and to all my coworkers and people I was working with, for treating me so nice.
Big big thank you!