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Hello. I am Michal. I speak 7 languages and I have graduated as a teacher of English. I have never visited a language school to learn a language. Most of the languages I learned on my own using methods that successful polyglots around the world use – all of them for free. I had the chance to study how people learn languages as one of the co-organisers of the world biggest Polyglot Gathering (

I am a language mentor. Language mentoring is an innovative approach to „teaching“ languages. Lýdia Machová (a friend of mine) can give you an idea what it is about on her TED Talk.


Right now, I live in Keila and I am offering my service of an English language mentor. I will not teach you English, I cannot. Anyone who says he can teach someone a language is wrong. What I can do, is to practice English with you, help you find an amusing way of how to fall in love with language learning and motivate you to continue on this language marathon.

By language learning I also mean singing your favourite songs, using PC games, applications, watching series or cooking using English recipes.

  • I can show you tricks how to memorise words.
  • I can explain to you 4 basic principles of language learning.
  • I can equip you with personally effective methods so that you can learn any language with ease at home and I will also practice English with you.
  • I can help you find suitable materials.
  • I can mentor you on your own way of learning a language in an amusing way.
  • I can save you money for a language school.


I do not offer a magic pill. Such a thing does not exist. If you want to learn a language, you have to invest time and be exposed to language. Once you learn some basic principles and find your most favourite way of learning a language, you will start enjoy the process and will be able to learn a language effectively, 20 minutes a day.

I speak only basic Estonian yet – which is a blessing as we simply have to talk in English.

For more info feel free to contact me. We can hang out or have a video call.

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